Every person has a story and unfortunately it seems that the times we live in are full of people with stories of broken lives, broken spirits.

In our own communities we know of lives and homes in turmoil because of mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions, poverty, physical illnesses and premature deaths.

In even more ‘disadvantaged’ countries we hear of refugees fleeing their war torn homes, young women being trafficked, slaves to prostitution, people dying because of lack of health resources, young children left orphanless.  The lists go on and you’re left wondering what can be done.

I myself was once caught in darkness, lost all passion for life and without hope of a better future.  Thankfully someone led me to God then someone else led me to Jesus and since I am being restored and have come into the beautiful knowledge and awareness of the Kingdom of God here on this earth (blessed are the eyes that see what we see!) I just want to share it.  I want to do something.

I sought God to make a way for me to reach out.  My desires are for the opportunity to build up people whom the world has damaged, to give priviledges to the underpriviledged, advantages to the disadvantaged, strength to the weak, value and dignity to those who believe they’ve no self worth and encouragement to the discouraged.

LinkingHope was born…God in all his goodness has lead me into pursuing something that inspires me.  I believe it is the 1st step, a start…and a story that is to be continued…