Daughters Of Hope – Bangalore, India



Daughters of Hope is a fair trade, social enterprise based in South India that provides training and employment to impoverished women.

The vision of Daughters of Hope is not only to reduce poverty and injustice but to give dignity and freedom to those who have been caught up in the cycle of economic and social oppression.  Daughters provides not only a safe and healthy work environment, but provides family support in many ways through free childcare, free healthy lunches, savings plans, insurance, and much more. All their products are fair trade and come with a story. Each product is a tangible result of one woman’s journey out of the cycle of poverty in South India.

Visit their website:  www.daughtersofhope.com

Running alongside the DaughtersofHope social enterprise there Daughters of Hope Project (DOHP).  The path to empowerment and dignity only begins with training and employment. There are a lot of other factors that are required to bringing freedom to those in difficult circumstances. Daughters of Hope Project (DOHP) is a non-profit branch that works alongside the business to provide healthy meals, childcare, and education to our employees.

Through the non-profit they have a feeding program that provides free lunch to nearly 100 people every day. They also provide free day care and after-school tutoring for dozens of the children of our employees.  The largest part of DOHP would have to be the women’s training center. DOH Women’s Training Center has begun its first full year of vocational training in 2014 with 14 girls between the age of 15-24 years. Our training center is a one-year program which focuses on training in 3 primary areas of computer, tailoring and cosmetology, as well as weekly English classes and health/wellness classes. The training center reaches a very poor and at-risk demographic of girls in India. Most of our girls have had no education of any kind and are very susceptible to exploitation and human trafficking. Through the training center they receive education and are empowered to break the cycle of poverty and oppression that has lasted for generations. More importantly, they are exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and immersed in a loving and caring community of believers.
After completing the program, the girls have the option of coming on with the Daughters Company and continuing on in our community of empowerment and freedom. Please join with us in prayer to see the daughters of India empowered and pointed toward the One who has made them with a purpose!

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Meet Nirmala, Daughters of Hope, India


According to Nirmala, for 15 years she had a good life: a good husband who took care of their family, and 3 children. In 2012, Nirmala’s husband died.  The day he died, they had $60 to their name.  Nirmala was alone to provide for her family.  No one offered to help, except for a few people who were trying to take advantage of her.  Nirmala attempted to commit suicide, but, by God’s grace didn’t succeed.  Many people tried to take advantage of her emotionally and physically after her husband died.  Through her sister-in-law Nirmala came to know about Daughters of Hope.  “After coming to Daughters of Hope, I have the confidence to stand up for myself and raise my children.