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The women in the program were displaced due to the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) under the leadership of Joseph Kony, who raped and murdered villagers and abducted children as child soldiers.  After being traumatized by the LRA, these women fled from rural Northern Uganda looking for safety.  The women ended up settling in Acholi Quarters, a slum in the capital city of Kampala. The Acholi, the tribe that was most often victimized by the LRA, are further marginalized due to tribalism in Uganda.

At Acholi Quarters, the women were fortunate that work is available in the local stone quarry, however, the conditions are extremely hazardous and the women earn only 50 cents/day, not enough to feed their children, let alone send them to school.

Imagine smashing rocks into gravel all day with a baby on your back, earning barely enough money to feed your children one meal a day. For Ugandan refugee women who fled their villages in Northern Uganda to escape violence and abductions from a war that has continued for over 20 years, this was their reality BEFORE they learned to make recycled paper beads.

The jewelry project has brought these women hope and financial security.  They are able to work in a safe environment, earn a better income, fellowship with their fellow workers and send their children to school. In addition to the mentoring and Christ-centered programs facilitated by ALARM, the women are also receiving training each month in money management.


Christine became a mom at 15 after she relocated from Pader in Northern Uganda to escape the tragedies of the war. Christine’s Mom helped her relocate to Kampala but passed away shortly thereafter. This left Christine without any other option besides prostitution to survive. Although life has not been easy for Christine, she is now a proud mom of 5 children and desires to use the money earns from the bead project to build a home so she can offer a safe refuge for her children and her 3 nephews who still live in Pader.


Miriam is a young woman who has suffered much; she is fortunate in that she owns a plot of land in her home village of Gulu. However, she is afraid to return “home” because of all of the tragedy that has occurred there. Miriam’s dream for her 4 children and the 2 orphans that she cares for them to be educated so they will not have to face the challenges that she experienced as a child. Because of the unsanitary environment of the slum, Acholi Quarters, where she lives, her children struggle with fungal infections and other medical issues.

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