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Read some amazing stories below for Alcoholism and Depression


Steph MacLeod Testimony

An amazing testimony to the power of God, to bring someone out of the gutter of grief and despair, and into a glorious life of victory in Christ.

Steph Macleod is a man who knows what it is like to reach the bottom of the ladder of life. He has experienced life at the ‘sharp end’ living on the streets of Edinburgh, and overcome by drugs and alcohol to an extend he lost even the companionship of his down-and-out friends.

Steph had broke contact with his friends and family, had been banned from homeless hostels, and was waking up every other day in hospital due to the severity of which he drank. He was told by medical professionals that death was inevitable if he continued to abuse himself in such a manner. Desperate but unable to rid himself of his addiction Steph found out about the Bethany Christian Centre through his GP.

During his 8 month stay at the Bethany centre Steph began to address his reasons for drinking and taking drugs. It was during this time that he also found the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Things started to change dramatically in his life. In Steph’s own word’s, “I cried out to God in my darkest hour. I asked Him to save me. I asked for a life worth living. God answered big time!”

Steph has an amazing testimony, and a truly ‘earthy’ voice that echoes the turbulent life he has come through. From the gutter of the streets, He now performs in front of thousands, giving glory to God and a first-hand witness of his transforming power.

Watch Steph Here  – and be prepared to be moved !

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You can also listen to his Amazing Testimony through his music, check out ‘When I Found Jesus’ in the Share Links section.

Sharon Fawcett

Sharon’s testimony is like a light of hope for those grappling with the darkness of depression.  She gives a fresh look at the subject of depression from a spiritual perspective and this is something very close to my heart.

– read this [interview she gave on CBN where she shares how she learned the Beautiful Truth] that her depression was not biochemical or emotional but spiritual and then healed by God.
God whispered to her, “I have plans for you, Little One, a future full of hope!” He promised, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart…and I will bring you back from captivity” (Jeremiah 29:13,14).
Click on her wesbite :  Sharon Fawcett – where she shares more Hope for Wholeness -she also shares her experiences with anorexia.